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Features single-seat control valve

 Single- seat control valve having a valve body and a valve spool , with a small amount of leakage characteristics. The valve unbalanced force, which allows small differential pressure over the valve seat , the pressure differential, when large-caliber , coupled with the best positioner . Nominal diameter ≥ 25mm valve dual -oriented structure , just change the position of the valve stem connected to the spool can be achieved with open air or gas closed .

Features single- seat control valve

1 using balanced valve structure , small axial unbalanced force , allowing the pressure , good stability .

2 sleeve interchangeable , easy accessibility, easy maintenance.

3 all-metal valve structure for a variety of work situations , to Class IV leakage standards , ZXMQ soft seal structure spool reached Class VI leakage standards .

4 valve designed according to the principles of fluid mechanics , such as low flow resistance flow channel cross-section , a large tuning range , the inherent adjustable ratio of 50 , rated flow coefficient increases by 30%.

5 multi- spring actuator structure, height reduced by 30 %. 30% weight reduction .

6.ZJHPW shaped bellows sealed valve for moving the valve stem to form a complete seal , blocking absolutely fluid leakage.

Occasions 7.ZJHPJ regulator valves with insulation jacket , for fluid cooling and crystallization , resulting in blockage of solidification

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