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Pump valve market five trends in the future

Product of valve of the direction of the market, according to the analysis in the next period of time the main trend is as follows:

1, as the oil to develop inland fields, and the transfer of offshore oil field and the electric power industry from 300000 kw to 300000 kw thermal power under the above of the thermal power and hydropower and nuclear power development, the respiration valve, flame arrester, filters, pipes, sight glasses, and other products should be based on equipment application domain changes to change its properties and corresponding parameters.

2, urban construction system generally USES a large number of low-pressure valve and to the development of environmental protection and energy-saving, that is used by the low iron gate toward environmental protection rubber sheet, balance valve, the transition metal sealing butterfly valve and the midline sealing butterfly valve. Oil and gas engineering to develop in the direction of pipelining, it requires a lot of flat gate valve and ball valve.

3, the other side of the energy development is energy saving, so in terms of energy conservation, to develop the steam trap and high to subcritical and supercritical parameter.

4, the construction of the power station to large-scale development, so the need of large diameter and high pressure relief valve and pressure reducing valve at the same time also need quick opening and closing of the valve.

5, complete sets of engineering needs, pump valve supply by a single species to more varieties and specifications. Needed for an engineering project of the pump valve will be provided by a pump manufacturer all the trend of larger and larger.

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