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Discussion on the valve industry rapid development of the four major thrust

Valve machinery industry is the important branch, in last few years, along with the mechanical industry's rapid development, the valve is in a very favorable development opportunity, why? Following with the flourishing of new materials about the valve to the rapid development of the four thrust:

In 1, the national industrial policy to promote the development of the valve industry

Equipment manufacturing industry is a strategic industry, with a high degree of correlation,strong ability to absorb employment, technology and capital intensive features, is the industry upgrades, technical progress and an important guarantee for the nationalcomprehensive strength of the concentrated expression. In order to develop the equipment manufacturing industry, the country is in " eleven five " program compendium "point out clearly, want to develop equipment manufacturing industry energetically, strive to make breakthroughs in core technologies, improve the major technology and equipment research and development design, the core components, manufacturing and system integration of the overall level of. While the valve industry belongs to the equipment manufacturing industry,nature and national policy associated to, according to the national policy support, canaccelerate the pace of development.

2, multinational global procurement to promote the internationalization of valve

In recent years, the valve industry is a growing trend toward globalization. In order toreduce the production cost of enterprises, global procurement has become a transnational corporation makes full use of global resources, reduce production cost, enhance corecompetition ability, get the biggest gain important method, is the development strategy is important one annulus.

China 's manufacturing industry has a higher cost advantages, with the domestic valve enterprises technology continues to improve, has basically been able to adapt to globalmultilevel valve applications technical parameter requirements. This makes multinational procurement valve is the most important one of the countries, and it has developed into aglobal valve industry the most important production base of.

3, the development of clean energy to push the valve market expansion

Global climate warming, the development of low carbon economy has gradually become theconsensus of global economy. At present, the major global economies and industrialized countries through a variety of ways to promote greenhouse gas emission reduction,vigorously develop clean energy, reduce the consumption of fossil energy. Nuclear power and natural gas as a globally recognized clean forms of energy, the future will be in bigger rangeapplications, with broad prospects for development.

Can be expected, the valve in the clean energy within the field of applications will grow fast,clean energy sector valve demand will become the future development of the new enginevalve market.

In 4, the production technology is mature with each passing day improved valve competence

In recent years, the domestic valve enterprises through the introduction of foreign technology, technological innovation, and make the foreign manufacturers in the production process of the narrowed. Moreover, with the domestic industry to improve the technological level, the domestic valve industry in the production of machine tools, production materialsand other fields have also been some technical support, not only makes the domestic valve industry in product quality, product range has been a corresponding increase, but also reduce the domestic valve product cost, help in the domestic valve enterprises enhance core competitiveness.

Reed Yongjia County Machinery Limited company as China's most professional ceramic valvesand wear-resistant materials suppliers, will borrow the valve industry Dongfeng, seize opportunity, develop the international market successfully.

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