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The " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" into the valve industry new development

In recent years,""925" energy saving and environmental protection industry development plan" for China's energy saving and environmental protection industry development policyand taxation and other aspects of the support. The valve industry, because the ceramicvalve belongs to new material industry, by the national, ministerial, provincial multinomial policy to support energy saving and environmental protection planning, is undoubtedly the biggest winner.

The valve can be widely used in iron and steel, mining, chemical industry, sewage treatment and other industries, is very important in the process of sewage treatment equipment, can effectively promote environmental protection construction, contribute to the" Twelfth Five-Year Plan", to implement the new industrialization road. According to the correlation data demonstrated: in recent years, China's valve industry market size has kept the momentum of steady growth, annual growth rate maintained at about 13%. Especially in urban sewage treatment on" eleven five" period, our country plans to invest 3thousand yuan for national urban sewage treatment and recycling facilities, and so far the actual investment of less thanhalf, later stage investments have larger space.

In accordance with the "12th Five-Year Plan" building a resource-saving, environment-friendly society development direction. China's ceramic valve development prospect is far better than the metal valve. Main reason has: 1, metal valve product quality and competitiveness, branddifference, not conducive to the valve machinery industry exports; and the ceramic valve can meet the high wear and tear, the use of strong corrosive environment, service life can reach10 times of ordinary metal valve. In 2, the metal valve steel as raw material. As a result of iron and steel industry has entered the era of meager profit, the major steel mills have raised steel prices, causing the metal valve cost improve. Ceramic valves because of its excellent performance, the price is much better than other similar metal valve. 3," Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of our country to implement the backward production capacity out of the policy, from the metal valve development present situation, faced with the elimination of backward risk.

According to Shang Pu consulting released"2010 -2013China valve equipment market analysis and Investment Research Report" show, the next 20 years, the whole world energy industry investment of approximately $76000, of which China will account for 40%, nearly 20trillion yuan. This means looking for energy saving and environmental protection industry is entering an unprecedented development opportunity. Ceramic valve as the promotion ofgreen and low carbon development important constituent, in markets at home and abroadhave greater development potential. Reed's new material as a professional development,production of ceramic valves enterprises, will become the future market darling.

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