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Current Situation and Prospect of China's valve market outlook


80s of last century, China's valve manufacturing technology has been developed rapidly. In order to enhance our valve manufacturing from R & D capabilities, China began to organize the backbone enterprises to introduce similar products abroad valve design, technology and other advanced technology and processing equipment, so far, China's domestic backbone enterprises have been able to produce valves according to ISO international standards, DIN German standards and other international standards for the design and manufacture of various valves, some manufacturers of products reach the international advanced level. But China's valve supporting capacity compared with the developed countries there are still some gaps, but also on the quality of the valve is not stable enough, such as run, run, drip, drain phenomenon often occurs in domestic valves.

Valve is a low margin product, the market is very competitive. On the distribution of the valve market is mainly based on the construction of the project, the largest user of the valve is the petrochemical industry, power sector, metallurgy sector, chemical industry and urban construction department. It is understood that the valve business of a certain size on the market there are more than 2000, most located in Jiangsu and Zhejiang and the Central Plains area. Due to the relatively low technical content requirements, therefore, more competitive.

But the opportunities and challenges are always in the face of intense challenges, our valve products are also facing good opportunities for development.

First of all. With the transfer of oil development to the mainland oil fields and offshore oil fields, as well as the power industry by thermal power 300,000 kilowatts or less to 300,000 kilowatts or more thermal power and hydropower and nuclear power development, the valves should be based device applications change corresponding change in its performance and parameters. Urban systems generally use a large number of low-pressure valves, and to the development of environmentally friendly and energy-saving, low iron gate that is used in the past by the gradual shift of environment-friendly plastic sheet valve, balance valve, metal sealed butterfly valve and middle sealing butterfly transition. Oil, gas pipeline project to develop in the direction, which in turn requires a lot of flat gate valve and ball valve. Energy development is the other side of saving, so in terms of energy conservation perspective, to develop the steam trap to the subcritical and supercritical high parameters development.

Secondly, the construction of power plants to large-scale development, so the need to use large diameter and high pressure safety valve and pressure relief valve, but also required the rapid opening and closing valves. Needs, the valve serves to complete the project by the development of a single species to multi-species and multi-specifications. The project required a valve, all provided by a valve manufacturer trend is growing.

But on the other hand, we have to take seriously the valve market in many problems. Because of China's valve market has basically formed state, collective, joint ventures, private and individual shares coexist. In the fierce competition in the market was steady development requirements, companies are concerned about the following issues: efforts to reduce production costs, focus on improving product performance and efficiency; development on the level of high-tech products or the production of single and small batch of non-standard products; through international quality certification valve products; valve products should be environmentally friendly, energy-saving direction. But it is inevitable that individual for profit, at the expense of the interests of others unscrupulous manufacturers, disrupting the normal valve products market.

Generally speaking, China's valve market prices relatively stable, although a slight lift each year, but the magnitude is very small. From North valve market, many companies found for profit shoddy, serious disruption of the valve market. Valve market main problems: First, some of the operators to buy no name site of the valve, the well-known manufacturers of brand-name print and certificates, the reputation of qualified valve enterprises causing serious harm. Second, the refurbishment of valves, some of the operators by the second sale of scrap valves after repainting, to project quality serious security risks.

Through analysis of the valve market is not difficult to find, our products have good market prospects valve, but must standardize the market order and strict management, eliminate unhealthy competition, where call quality regulators with the industry's conscience and the government.

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